Monday, November 17, 2008

Hu Jintao hopes legistalive bodies will help strengthen China-Costa Rica relations

Costa Rican presidential guards provide security as China's President Hu Jintao, unseen, visits the Legislative Assembly in San Jose, Monday, Nov. 17, 2008. (AP Photo)(Xinhua) - On Monday, the second day of his visit to Costa Rica, Chinese President Hu Jintao said he hoped the two countries' legislative bodies would strengthen contacts and make efforts to promote mutual understanding.

Hu, the fist ever Chinese head of state to visit Costa Rica and Central America, met with Francisco Pacheco, president of the Costa Rican Legislative Assembly.

The Costa Rican legislators come from different political parties, but they have the consensus on maintaining and developing the friendship between the two countries, Hu said.

He also expressed the hope that Costa Rican legislators would play a greater role as a bridge linking up the two countries' business groups, cultural bodies, scientific institutes, news media and local governments in efforts to consolidate and expand the social foundation for the friendship between the two nations, Hu said.

Pacheco said the establishment of diplomatic ties has helped promote mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples and also created a favorable environment for strengthening bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

After the establishment of diplomatic ties with China, Costa Rica now has an "important friend and partner" in the world, he said.

Speaking at the meeting, many Costa Rican legislators from different political parties agreed that the establishment of diplomatic ties is of strategic significance. They also thanked China for providing support and help for Costa Rica in its economic and social development.

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