Friday, November 14, 2008

Protesters block arrival of cruise ship

(Inside Costa Rica) - A cruise ship carrying 1,300 passengers that was scheduled to arrive at Costa Rica's Pacific port of Puntarenas had to be diverted to Panama because of a protest by fishermen that left three people arrested and caused an estimated $250,000 in losses, Costa Rican authorities said Thursday.

The detainees, according to a statement by the Security Ministry, were captains of small fishing vessels who barred the entrance of the Coral Princess in a protest over a new law banning shark finning, the controversial process of removing shark fins - often while the animal is still alive.

Fishermen now must unload the whole shark at docks to comply with the law.

La Nacion on Thursday reported that the Princess Cruises cruise line sent a protest note to the Costa Rican Tourism Institute over the incident. Tourists could have spent as much as $250,000 on handicrafts made by local artisans, food at restaurants, and guided tours offered by local tourism companies, he said.

During Costa Rica's cruise season, from October to April, some 125 vessels carrying 140,000 passengers are expected to arrive at Costa Rica's Pacific ports of Puntarenas and Caldera and an equal number at Atlantic port of Limon.

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dan said...

not the smartest move, people... man i hate protests...

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