Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Costa Rica ousts top two intel officials

DIS director Roberto Solorzano resigned after the scandal  (Photo: La Nacion/FILE)San Jose, Costa Rica (AP) – Costa Rica has replaced its two top intelligence officials because a government password apparently was used to loot private bank accounts.

Prosecutors have accused the deputy director of the Intelligence and Security Directorate (DIS), Roberto Guillen, of helping steal from private bank accounts after accessing credit reports through a government account with a private data company.

The president's office on Wednesday announced that the agency's director, Roberto Solorzano, had resigned after acknowledging the agency's "negligence in the handling of the password." Jose Torres, a top adviser to President Oscar Arias, will succeed Solorzano, who has not been accused of any crime.

Prosecutors say Guillen was part a ring that used falsified checks to steal at least $360,000 from Costa Rican businessmen. Guillen allegedly used the password to access credit reports on the victims. Guillen was arrested in November but is free pending further investigation.

Cabinet Chief Rodrigo Arias said the government will propose legal reforms to the intelligence agency to better define its jurisdiction.


Sicilian said...

Wow. . . I think it kind of funny that there is an Costa Rican Intelligence Agency and no military.
Love your blog. Made your recipe of Gallo Pinto tonight.

Uri R. said...

Many people actually agree with you. Many Ticos didn't even know that such agency existed in Costa Rica until this case surfaced. In fact this agency has existed in our country since 1963, although it has gone through several name changes over the years. According to the government it was created to combat threats to the integrity, stability and independence of the country or its institutions. For those who speak spanish you can find more info about this agency here:

Uri R. said...

By the way good to know you made the gallo pinto recipe. I hope you liked it. Let us know if it was any good. Take care, pura vida!

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