Wednesday, January 14, 2009

21 earthquake victims identified

Updated list of the victims of the earthquake. So far 21 have been identified by the Costa Rican authorities. The pictures were published by Diario Extra. Victims are Costa Rican unless otherwise noted.

-Francisco Zamora Valerio, 46 years old
-Francela Zamora Cambronero, 19 years old
-Daniela Zamora Cambronero, 16 years old
-Gipsy Tatiana Oliva Diaz, 7 years old
-Marisela Arguello Diaz, 12 years old
-Roberto Jara Jimenez, 34 years old
-Jeremy Alfaro Ruiz, 28 years old
-Edwin Masis Villegas, 38 years old
-Fabian Andres Diaz Solis, 13 years old
-Roberto Chaves Solis, 27 years old
-Julio Cesar Rojas Hidalgo, 30 years old
-Jose Roberto Vargas Vargas, 19 years old
-Rafael Herrera Esquivel, 47 years old
-Idania Aracely Perez Borges, age unknown
-Hania Flores Perez, 1 year old
-Jeffrey Zamora Cambronero, 14 years old
-Ana Maria Rodriguez Picado, 14 years old
-Leonor Garzon Flores, 58 years old, Nicaraguan
-Miguel Angel Arteta Montoya, 41 years old, Nicaraguan
-Marco Jimenez Roman, 16 years old
-Carlos Alberto Villegas, 18 years old

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