Saturday, January 10, 2009

Earthquake: authorities release the name of nine mortal victims

(Photo: AFP/Mayela Lopez)According to La Nacion newspaper the National Emergency Commission and the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) released the name of nine people that died on Thursday's 6.2-magnitude earthquake that, according to the latest official statement left 16 people dead.

Although that number is expected to climb as more bodies are found under landslides and the rubble of destroyed houses, the authorities have so far only released the names of the following victims since they were the first ones to be identified and their next of kin have already been notified:

-Ana Maria Rodriguez Picado
-Yitsi Tatiana Oliva Diaz
-Maricela Arg├╝ello Diaz
-Miguel Arteta Montoya
-Roberto Jara Jimenez
-Jeremy Alfaro Arias
-Roberto Chavez Solis
-Edwin Masis Villegas
-Fabian Andres Diaz Solis.

Costa Rica was hit by the magnitude 6.2 earthquake at 1:15 p.m. CST Thursday. The epicenter was located by the town of Vara Blanca by the La Paz Waterfall, about 10 km east of the Poas Volcano and 30 northwest of the capital, San Jose and occured 6 kilometers below the Earth's surface.

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Maureen serrano said...

outh of the things I miss from Costa Rica earthquakes are not one of them.
I can live without them. It's very sad how this things happen but very little is done to minimaze the fatalities.

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