Friday, January 09, 2009

Finally online again after a crazy week!

Oh boy what a week!

Sorry for the lack of recent posts and updates but this has been a pretty crazy week.

This year has literally started with a rumble here in Costa Rica because as you may have already heard and read somewhere else the whole country was rocked to its foundations when it was hit by the most powerful quake in 150 years.

Not only that, but I also had to deal with a crazy arrival to Costa Rica airport last Saturday, my computer crashed the following morning and the sister of a friend got mugged today.

Just coming back from vacation during the late hours of January 3, and after sorting my way out of a huge crowd at Juan Santamaria International airport, I managed to get home.

The problem with our main airport during this time of the year is, among many other things, that there not nearly enough official taxis to drive everyone out of the airport, so dozens of tired travellers rapidly gather outside and this creates pandemonium for those who don't have anyone waiting for them.

We had to give up and hire a private cab, which isn't always the wisest, safest or cheapest option, after seeing the sea of people waiting in line in front of us.

All this happens during this time of year because we are at the peak of the tourist season. Right now we get a lot of foreign visitors that are on their winter/holiday break in U.S.A and Canada, but because many Costa Ricans are also travelling in and out out of the country due to the vacations in all of the academic institutions and government offices.

The next day (Sunday January 4) as I'm getting ready to work on this blog my computer crashes due to overheating. Of course since it's Sunday night I have nowhere to take it so I have to wait until the following day to find a Toshiba authorized center to have it cleaned.

The problem with my laptop is that if I don't have it cleaned internally approximately once a year it will overheat and crash due to the high temperatures that it reaches when dust accumulates inside its ventilation system.

Not only is my laptop model prone to getting hot really fast, but when it hasn't been cleaned for a while it will overheat with tasks as simple as watching a youtube video. It then proceeds to automatically turn itself off to prevent any serious damage to its components.

On Tuesday I had some spare time so I took my laptop to a Toshiba center located in Multiplaza Mall in Escazu. They told me the laptop would be ready today and that they would charge me $30.

I agreed to leave my laptop there and they told me that they would call me when the job was completed. I always suffer when I have to spend a few days without my computer not only because of my profession, but also because a great deal of my communications take place online since I am an avid user of instant messenger applications and email.

So yesterday when the earthquake hit I freaked out not only because of the powerful tremor and the big scare, but also due to the fact that I was without my computer on such an important day. What was driving me crazy was that I had no absolutely no way to update my blog and my tweeter account to keep those outside Costa Rica informed with the latest developments.

Today by almost 10:30 a.m. I had received no call from the Toshiba center with information about my laptop so I decided to call them and ask them if they had it ready. Amazingly they told me that they had not even started work on my computer because their repair center was overwhelmed with service orders and that there was even one computer ahead of mine scheduled for cleaning.

I of course got really pissed and told them to have my computer ready because I would pick it up as soon as possible and I didn't want anyone as irresponsible as them working on my laptop.

Fortunately I was able to get in touch with another Toshiba authorized center where I had previously taken my laptop, but is farther away from my home, and they told me that they could have it ready today by 4 p.m.

I left my computer there at approximately 11:30 and surprisingly about two hours later they called me to tell me that my computer was ready. So today once I got home was able to finally start updating my blog.

As if all this was not enough, tonight, as I was eating dinner with a friend at a fast food restaurant we got a call from his sister. She told him that while caught in a traffic jam with her husband they had the windows of their car broken and a purse and the car radio stolen.

So even though this was a very eventful week I promise that I will try to post all the information I can about the earthquake and all the latest developments taking place in Tiquicia right now regarding this great tragedy. After that is done I will post the news of the past few days when I was outside Costa Rica.

Once again I am sorry for the lack of posts but as I have said previously this blog is a one-man effort so there's no one else that can update it while I'm gone or when I have no access to the Internet.

Pura vida from Costa Rica

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Sicilian said...

I was waiting for your posts and searching the net to see what was being reported about the earthquake.
Glad you are safe and with computer.

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