Thursday, January 29, 2009

Homicides in Tiquicia up 24.6 percent in 2008

(Inside Costa Rica) - A study by the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) reveals that homicides are up 24.6% over last year. The oIJ reports 86 more homicide cases in 2008 over the the 2007.

In total there were 435 murders (1.2 daily) in 2008, while in 2007 the number of murders reported were only 349 (0.95 daily).

The largest number of homicides were recorded in the capital, were 214 murders were investigated in 2008, compared to only 172 in 2007.

The area with the sharpest increase wa Cartago, east of San Jose, were the number of homicides doubled from seven cases in 2007 to fourteen in 2008.

Judicial authorities say that homicides is the main cause of the majority of "violent" deaths in the country, saying that problem with drugs and drug trafficking the cause of the majority of the murders.

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