Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Domino's pizza closes its doors in Costa Rica

(Inside Costa Rica) - Without notice to employees and customers, the Mexican owners of the Domino's Pizza franchise in Costa Rica decided to pull up stakes and close its nine store on Saturday, leaving its 130 employees, unemployed.

The order from the head office in San Francisco de Dos Rios, San Jose, went out that all stores to be closed, all equipment and inventory to be pulled, without any explanation as to the why.

Employees told the press that the move (closing) was surprising, though not totally unexpected, as the company had been losing money, estimated at $2 million by the employees of the pizza chain.

Employees now hope the owners will at least pay all salaries and the severance pay that is owed to employees.

All the Domino's Pizza stores were located in the Great Metroplitan Area (San Jose and its surroudings).

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