Sunday, February 08, 2009

Updated Jeremy Lusk information

Here's more information on Jeremy Lusk after his horrific crash:

- He made it through the surgery which was great because they only gave him a 5 percent chance of that.

- X-rays were done to the neck and spinal column and no breaks were reported by the hospital.

- When asked about injuries to other parts of his body, the hospital did not report other injuries at the time.

- Lusk was attended to by the head of neurological surgery, Dr. Jorge Ramirez.

- Close friends and Metal Mulisha teammates, Brian Deegan and Ryan "Fluffer" Hagy left Southern California early this morning bound for the Calderon Guardia hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica.

- A few hours after the surgery they were able to finally close his skull when the swelling of his brain went down enough.

- If they can air-vac him out it will be to Miami with the family, hopefully by the end of week.

- There seems to be no breaks in his neck and jaw. They will not be able to do a CT scan of his spine for a few days, but once they stabilize him the CT scan will be done.

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