Sunday, February 08, 2009

Jeremy Lusk suffers horrific crash and sustains major injury while performing in Costa Rica

Screen capture from Costa Rica's channel 7(ESPN) - Metal Mulisha's Jeremy Lusk is in stable, but critical condition where he remains in a medically induced coma at Calderon Guardia Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Lusk, who has been unconscious since his crash, was riding the X-Knights contest in San Jose when he under-rotated on a backflip variation, causing him to slam into the ground head first.

Post-crash, suspected brain trauma required immediate surgery to treat a subdural hematoma on his brain.

He underwent emergency surgery that lasted for four hours and thirty minutes. The purpose of the surgery was to release pressure from his skull, which was caused by accumulation of blood between the brain and the skull due to a dangerous shift of his brain.

Doctors report that they will know more Jeremy's future prognosis within the next crucial 36 to 48 hours. Jeremy's wife and family are now in Costa Rica by his side.

After the operation, Jeremy was placed in Surgical Intensive Care, where he is undergoing analysis with a neurosurgeon.

Doctor Alejandro Hernandez was quoted saying:"It is too early to say predict the severity of his injury, but he was breathing on his own. Furthermore, he was totally unconscious", added the doctor.

Note: Here's the video of the horrific accident. Viewer discretion is advised. This event was being broadcasted live on Costa Rica's channel 7 when it happened. If you want to see that channel's footage in Spanish, that shows not only the accident but Jeremy being attended to and taken to the hospital click here.

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