Thursday, February 12, 2009

Seagal wants to bring Hollywood to Costa Rica

(Photo: Marvin Caravaca/La Nacion)San Jose, Costa Rica (Reuters) - Action movie star Steven Seagal told Costa Rican President Oscar Arias on Wednesday he wants to help the Central American country build a filmmaking industry to put its dramatic landscapes to use.

Seagal, known for his martial arts roles of the 1980s and '90s, met Arias in San Jose and offered to use his Hollywood connections to help Costa Rica get started in movie-making.

"Costa Rica has everything -both rain forest and dry climate. What it lacks is an infrastructure to make movies," Seagal told a news conference.

Seagal said he had a positive conversation with Arias but did not elaborate on the size of any investment he planned or give a timeframe for his project.

Apart from a handful of small-budget independent producers, Central America's film industry is almost nonexistent.

Despite its reputation as a stable, relatively crime-free country with lush and varied landscapes, Costa Rica is rarely used by U.S. filmmakers, who often opt to shoot in Canada.

Costa Rica was the backdrop, however, for the 1992 film "1492: Conquest of Paradise," starring Gerard Depardieu, about the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas.

Actor and director Mel Gibson, who has a vacation home on Costa Rica's Pacific coast, had his production team scout the country's jungles for his 2006 epic "Apocalypto" about the decline of the Mayan civilization, but ended up shooting it in more-accessible Mexico.


Maureen serrano said...

Well there were more movies that had few shots done in CR, like Congo or Anaconda for example one of Silvester Stallone's movies was shot partially in CR, and he is bringing more. But I really hope that Seagal will bring the movie industry to CR; it will benefit so much from the income the industry will bring to the country.

Uri R. said...

I didn't know Anaconda and Congo had some shots done in Costa Rica, and do you know which Stallone movie was that?

I can't agree with you more, if the movie industry comes to this country we will benefit enormously. Not only we'll get some much needed income but new employment sources which in these times of global crisis are always welcomed.

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