Friday, February 06, 2009

Sylvania closing plant in Costa Rica

Al Dia newspaper is reporting that The Sylvania company announced yesterday that it would be closing its one of its two plants located in Pavas and laying off workers, although the exact number has yet to be announced.

Oscar Vega, regional manager for the company in Brazil, confirmed yesterday the closing of the plant that manufactures consumer lighting products.

Vega said that the number of people that will be laid off by the closure is not yet known, but will all be paid their severance pay.

"We do not not have the exact number of people, but believe it will be about one third of the ucrrent workforce", said Vega.

The company said it will keep open only one of the two plants it operates in Costa Rica, the closure being a result in the slow down in the construction industry due to the world economic crisi and the demand for its products.

The Sylvania plant in Costa Rica exports products to both North America and Europe.

Translated by Inside Costa Rica


Sicilian said...

Wow. . . I wouldn't have thought you'd get layoffs in CR.

Uri R. said...

Yea layoffs have arrived to Tiquicia (Merck, La Nacion newspaper, Domino's Pizza and now Sylvannia) and I am afraid this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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