Monday, April 06, 2009

Tom Brady camp mum on shotgun nups

(Photo: AFP/Yuri Cortez)(Boston Herald) - Tom Brady's agent says security guards patrolling Gisele Bundchen's compound claim to know nothing about a shot that barely missed two photographers, but police in Costa Rica yesterday launched a "full investigation" into the wedding-day gunfire.

"I have no knowledge of the events being described," the usually elusive Don Yee told the Associated Press. "Additionally, security personnel have reported they do not have any knowledge of such an event. Given this, I have no other comment."

But Mario Sanchez of Costa Rica's Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) told People that a report was filed on the incident and an investigation is set to begin.

Sanchez said authorities will bring charges against the security guards if the evidence is solid. He added that Brady and Bundchen likely would not be held responsible for any actions by their guards. Still, police hope to interview everyone who was present the night of the incident, the magazine said.

As you know, the New England Patriot's second wedding to the Brazilian glamazon was marred by gunfire Saturday when, the paparazzi say, security guards hired to keep them away fired a bullet through a photographer’s car, barely missing two men inside.

Cameraman Yuri Cortez, the Central American bureau chief of Agence France Presse, told People he was approached by "an American security guard," when he returned to his car after taking pictures of the wedding. He said the guard demanded his camera and memory card. Cortez, who said he was shooting from a neighbor’s property - with the permission of the owner - refused.

Several other security guards arrived on the scene, Cortez said, at which point, the photographer started walking away.

"One of them grabbed my arm and pulled it behind my back," he said. "He grabbed my backpack too. And he told me that I couldn’t leave."

The group was then joined by a man who said he was Brady's "best friend," Cortez said.

Al Dia 's newspaper photographer Rolando Aviles, who was with Cortez, told the New York Post that the unidentified man said "Tom Brady just wants to talk to you. It’s OK, nothing’s going to happen."

The photographers followed the guards back to Gisele's house where they were swarmed by "three members of the wedding party and five hired goons dressed all in black," the Post reported. Brady's best man berated the photographers and wanted to provoke a brawl, Aviles said.

"Take a picture of me now, you (bleep)! (Bleep) you!" said Brady's unidentified pal.

"He was very angry. It looked like he wanted to attack us," Aviles told the newspaper.

The photographers managed to talk their way out of the mess, claiming they hadn't gotten any photos. As they drove away, Aviles said he spotted one of the men pull a pistol. A 38-caliber bullet shattered the back of Cortez's SUV, bounced off the windshield and landed between the two terrified photographers.

"I didn't see who had the gun," Cortez told People. "I've been shot at before, but only when I was covering the war in Iraq or when I was in Israel. This is ridiculous!"

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