Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Arenal volcano eruption forces evacuation of tourists

(Inside Costa Rica) - The Arenal volcano put on a great show for tourists and locals alike yesterday, with three major eruptions, however the eruption was so intense that a group of 50 tourists in the national park has to be evacuated as a preventive measure.

The eruptions were said to be of "great intensity", as gas, rocks and ashes spewed out of the great colossus.

Officials from the National Seismologic System explained that they had been keeping a close eye on the volcano since 7 a.m. when activity increased considerably, including sending off tremors.

Mario Quiros, head of the park rangers at the Arenal Park, said that the first eruptions were intense and the following where much calmer.

(Note: image used only for illustrative purposes, it does not depict the eruption mentioned here.)

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