Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Influenza infection now between Ticos

(Photo: Reuters/Juan Carlos Ulate)(Inside Costa Rica) - A Cartago man and a 13 year old girl from Heredia are the first human-to-human transfer of the AH1N1 flu in Costa Rica, said yesterday the Health Minister, Maria Luisa Avila.

Avila explained that virus cases originated by infection between Costa Ricans are already circulating in the country.

The earlier cases of the flu were all related, directly or indirectly, to contact with persons travelling from Mexico.

The minister said that the man infected four others in his own family, while the Heredia girl was isolated when she began to show symptoms, but in any event infected another minor.

Avila added that they are attempting to determine if a Guadalupe woman had come into contact with the Boston chorus who were in Costa Rica last month.

Since April 24, Costa Rican health officials have investigated 941 suspected cases, of which nine were confirmed, 13 are still on the "probables" list, while the rest were discarded.

Health official records indicate that in 700 of the cases the results were negative, 76 had the regular flu, 28 did not meet the definition of a suspected case, one person dying.

Coronado Manuel Arevalo is the first and only recorded death from the AH1N1 flu. The 53 year old man had been hospitalized due to his pneumonia and diabetes,

Symptoms of the flu include a temperature of 38 Celsius, body and joing aches, runny nose, headache and cough.

Health authorities insist on hygiene measures, such as hand washing and sneezing protocol.

"One of the important points is that the human influenza virus has, so far, a low mortality," said ministra Avila.

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