Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Solis gets third chance to be president of Costa Rica

(AP Photo/FILE)(Inside Costa Rica) - The Citizens Action Party (PAC) hosted its first convention since its formation in 2000, where three contenders vied for the leadership nod to lead the party into the 2010 presidential elections, finally electing party founder, Otton Solis.

This will be the third chance for Solis to become president. The 55-year-old economist has been at the helm of a party that he founded in 2000, making his first presidential bid in 2001 and almost winning it in 2006, when he came within a few votes of beating Oscar Arias.

With only 366 of the 411 voting stations reporting, Solis had an overall 71 percent support for the leadership, while Epsy Campbell saw a 18 percent support and third runner, Roman Macaya, with only 10 percent.

The major support for Solis came from San Jose.

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