Thursday, July 02, 2009

Costa Rica ranked happiest nation in the world

London (Reuters) - Costa Rica is very nearly paradise, not just for holiday-makers lounging on its beaches, but for its citizens who are extremely satisfied with their lot and also have a tiny carbon footprint.

The combination has earned the Central American country first place in a new Happy Planet Index (HPI) published on Monday.

the second edition of the HPI lauds alternative standards that provide a new twist on the old adage that wealth does not buy happiness.

Costa Rica stands out for the highest levels of reported life satisfaction, a long life expectancy of 78.5 years and because 99 percent of its energy comes from renewable sources.

Latin American nations generally fare well, bagging nine out of 10 of the top spots and Sub-Saharan Africa performs very badly, with Zimbabwe taking bottom place. It scores 16.6 out of 100, compared with Costa Rica's HPI total of 76.1, according to an advance copy of the report.

Somewhere in between are the world's wealthiest economies.

The United States is placed 114th out of the 143 nations surveyed, with an HPI result of 30.7 and was found to be "greener and happier" 10 years ago than today -as were China and India, ranked respectively 20th and 35th, with scores of 57.1 and 53.

To measure the efficiency with which countries convert the earth's finite resources into their citizens' well-being, the HPI takes three separate indicators: ecological footprint, life-satisfaction and life-expectancy, and then carries out complex calculations.

First published in 2006 as "a radical departure from our current obsession with GDP", the HPI's sums have been criticised for not taking sufficient account of issues such as political freedom, but the index has also found followers.

Within two days of the launch of the first HPI, it was downloaded and read in 185 countries worldwide.

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Sicilian said...

When I read the title all the first thing it reminded me of was our Costa Rican Cab driver who took us from Quepos to Jaco. He kept repeating Pura Vida Pura Vida all the time. He talked with great pride about his country and how glad they were to be born in such a nice place.
I bought a t-shirt with the words Pura Vida. . . I want to keep those thoughts in my heart and mind

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