Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Costa Rica seizes 1.4 tons of cocaine, arrests four Colombians

San Jose (EFE) – Costa Rican authorities seized 1.4 tons of cocaine being smuggled on a speedboat in the Pacific and arrested four Colombians, who were turned over to prosecutors, Security Minister Janina Del Vecchio said.

The speedboat was stopped some 17 nautical miles off Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coast, thanks to a joint Costa Rican-U.S. surveillance program, Del Vecchio said in a statement.

The vessel’s crew threw several bales of cocaine overboard when they realized they had been spotted, but authorities recovered the drugs.

A large security operation has been launched in southern Costa Rica, especially around Golfito, a port town in Puntarenas province, where the cocaine and suspects were taken, Del Vecchio said.

The suspects face drug trafficking charges, which carry prison terms of up to 20 years in Costa Rica.

So far this year, Costa Rica has seized at least six tons of cocaine, with the majority of the seizures occurring in the Pacific, which is the main smuggling route from South America to North America.

Since President Oscar Arias took office in 2006, Costa Rica has seized nearly 90 tons of cocaine.

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Sicilian said...

Wow! I had heard from some locals that the Columbines were using CR as pit stop.
I'll bet they are all pretty mad about their $$$ being seized. . . . one can only imagine how much that cocaine is worth.

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