Monday, July 06, 2009

Costa Rican health minister calls for extreme alert for AH1N1

Health Minister Maria Luisa Avila (Photo: Prensa Libre)(Inside Costa Rica) - Following the confirmation of the third death from the AH1N1 flu virus in Costa Rica, health officials have intensified the alert.

The Health Minister Maria Luisa Avila said "we will follow with phase six and for anyone who believes we are exaggerating, this is a call for extreme measures".

According to the minister, who is in Mexico for world conference on the AH1N1 flu virus, the case of the 55-year-old man with pulmonary problems shows he was affected aggressively by the virus.

Avila explained that those who smoke and suffer from pulmonary problems, obesity, hypertension or diabetes, suffer greater risks if infected.

"A setback is when we have a death without any other health problems", said Avila.

The minister said that at the conference three main questions that will be addressed are: what will happen with the virus, who will we vaccinate if it begins to kill those without risk and, how can we continue for the next year or more without panicking.

In Costa Rica four people are currently in hospital, two of which are in delicate condition.

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dridel said...

it's hard for me to believe there's not some kind of political agenda with all this out-of-proportion flu panic. here's a nice apolitical article on it:

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