Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Third round of Honduras talks under way in Costa Rica

San Jose (Xinhua News) - Representatives of deposed Honduran president Manuel Zelaya and the de facto government met again on Wednesday with chief mediator Costa Rican President Oscar Arias for a third round of talks.

A "Declaration of San Jose" was proposed by Arias on Wednesday as a solution to Honduras' on-going crisis.

Costa Rican presidency confirmed to Xinhua that the declaration to be signed by the parties in conflict demands Zelaya's return to Honduras within 24 hours.

Other media also cited sources with the mediator that a "government of national unity and reconciliation" remains one of the modified proposals aimed at a peaceful end to the crisis.

Arias also suggests international community to drop economic-financial sanctions on Honduras, according to the sources.

Minutes ago, the Costa Rican presidency confirmed the news saying the Honduran interim government's delegation has entered Arias' Presidential House to meet the mediator.

Zelaya's representatives flew in on Wednesday to hear Arias' new proposals for a solution to the on-going crisis started on June 28.

Honduran interim Foreign Minister Carlos Lopez said his government will not give in to the demands of allowing Zelaya’s return to power.

"This hypothesis of a possible return of Mr. Zelaya to occupy the presidency is completely ruled out," Lopez said.

It is expected that the designated mediator, Arias, the Nobel Peace Price Laureate in 1987, will read "Declaration of San Jose" or a modified reconciliation plan later Wednesday, as a 72-hour term he set to convince post-coup leaders on Zelaya's reinstatement expires.

The interim government had rejected the seven points proposed by Arias last week to allow Zelaya's return in a power-sharing government.

Meanwhile, Zelaya said he will return to Honduras with or without agreement between the parts in conflict once the 72-hour term finishes.

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