Sunday, August 02, 2009

High phase of AH1N1 pandemic in Costa Rica not over yet

(Inside Costa Rica) - Costa Rican health officials had expected that the number of AH1N1 cases would begin to drop on Friday after for weeks of increasing infections and deaths. But, such is not the case.

The Health Ministry had predicted that by the end of July the pandemic situation would ease, but now are saying that it will linger on for at least another two weeks before any signs of improvement begin to appear.

The Health Minister, Maria Luisa Avila, to combat the rise in confirmed infections which now stands at 718 and 22 deaths, extended the mid-year school vacation another week and cancelled the traditional 200 year plus "romeria" (walk to Cartago) which was to have been held today and tomorrow.

"The projections are updated daily and every day we are learning that what occurs in the mornings changes in the afternoons", said ministra Avila.

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