Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Results of the AH1N1 vaccine testing in Costa Rica to be ready In three weeks

(Inside Costa Rica) - A week ago 784 Costa Ricans aged from three to sixty-four years of age began AH1N1 vaccine trials that is also being done in the United States and Mexico in the search for a vaccine against the AH1N1 flu virus.

The Costa Rican results of a possible vaccine against the virus are expected within a month.

The trials in Costa Rica are being conducted by the Swiss pharmaceutical, Novartis in the capital, San Jose.

Novartis is one of six international firms conducting trials in search for an AH1N1 vaccine.

Depending on the trials results, a vaccine could start to be marketed as early as the end of September or early October.

The final decision on the vaccination will be up to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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