Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lost sea lion reaches Costa Rica

Dominical's police is currently guarding the sea lion until it decides to continue its trip to Ecuador's Galapagos Island(Photo by Alfonso Quesada/La Nacion)By Alfonso Quesada
La Nacion

A young sea lion, of about 30 kilograms (66 pounds), was found on Monday by some tourists at Dominicalito beach in Osa, Guanancaste.

Alvaro Corrales, a biologist, said that most likely the sea lion reached our country by mistake as it probably got lost at sea when a current took it off its path.

Probably the sea lion's destination was Ecuador's Galapagos Island, a place where they are commonly found, however apparently a current took it to Costa rica's Venado Island, a location where it was spotted four days ago.

Several fishermen who were guarding the sea lion said that so far it has been swimming near the shore and afterward it comes out of the water and lays on the rocks for several hours.

"It has already been examined by two veterinarians and apparently the animal is healthy, however it is being affected by the hot weather and fatigue," said Corrales.

Corrales added that is very likely that once the animal regains some energy it will continue its way and try to meet its herd.

Currently the sea lion is being protected by the police of Dominical since no institution or wild life organization has showed any interesting in protecting the animal while it stays in Costa Rica.

To see more photos of the sea lion go to La nacion's facebook page here.

Article translated by Uri Ridelman

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